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作者:Anderson Smyth-Trider, 11年级
如果你是在运动中长大的, you would have to be among the luckiest of individuals to not have experienced failure. I use the word “failure” only to describe experiences where you may not have reached your goal at that time. 然而,我不相信这是失败,但我会回来的.
从小到大,我喜欢各种运动,但曲棍球是我的最爱. When I was 11 years old, I could finally try out to play competitive hockey. 我在三次选拔赛中都被淘汰了, 而是打家庭联赛或休闲曲棍球. 然而,我学到的东西将永远伴随着我. My linemate for the year had a learning disability and had never been on skates before, 但他是最快乐、最鼓舞人心的队友. I learned the value of treating everyone with respect and 善良, regardless of their ability.
But history would repeat itself; at age 12 I was again cut from the top team but still played competitively on the tier 2 team. 然而,我最终遇到了我在那个团队里最好的朋友之一. I learned the value of embracing the experience that was in front of me. 
13岁时, 我又被从高层团队中除名了, but the minor team I played for ended up being one of my favourite years of hockey. I had the most encouraging and positive coach, who I still remain in contact with today. I also met some of my best friends who I will share a bond with for a lifetime. That year, I learned to believe in myself and set many of my future goals. 
第二年, 我到了斯坦斯特德, excited for a new challenge and environment that would push me to be the best I can be. I began on the thirds team and moved up to play on the prep team for the following two years. 虽然, 我就进不了校队了, these years of hockey taught me many things with the most important lesson being to remain focused and committed to my goals.
To cycle back to the beginning, none of these experiences can be considered failures. 他们都教会了我一些东西. 摔倒多少次都没关系, there is always something to be learned and room to keep moving forward.
In the end it is you versus yourself; you have to be willing to accept the challenges and keep the determination to keep moving forward, 为了得到你想要的, 不要输给自己.
我的母亲是一名治疗师,也是一名运动心理表现教练. When I was just 10 years old, she told me the story of the two wolves inside you. 故事是这样的:
 一位老人正在教他的孙子生活. “我内心正在进行一场斗争,”他对男孩说.
“这是两只狼之间的一场可怕的战斗. 一个是邪恶,他是愤怒, 嫉妒, 悲伤, 后悔, 贪婪, 傲慢, 自怜, 内疚, 怨恨, 自卑, 谎言, 虚假的骄傲, 优势, 与自我.” 
他继续说, “另一个是好的——他是快乐, 和平, 爱, 希望, 宁静, 谦卑, 善良, 仁, 同理心, 慷慨, 真理, 同情, 和信仰. 
The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”
The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”
你在喂哪只狼?  我们总是有选择的.